Who We Are

Experiencing Christ Together

We are a fellowship ministry, called to serve.  Our vision is for global outreach dedicated to awakening true believers of God through unity.  This begins with empowering each other, expanding the Kingdom of God, and equipping new leaders for servanthood in their local community.  

It is one body with many members, one beat with many rhythms, one puzzle with many pieces.

Our Belief

We are not a ministry of a specific church; we see ourselves as a vehicle of ministry to the Church.  We take ministry to the people: ministry for growing churches, ministry to the community, and even ministry to those who avoid church.  We believe that the church is not a building or a routine gathering, but it is in essence being the body of Christ through sharing life together in fellowship, love, and acts of service.  We realize that we are incapable of living our lives without meaningful relationships, especially with those who are different from us.  

HNU Mission

HNU is a united body of diverse people with a gospel-centered focus, striving to radically express Christ through our lifestyle while compelling others to do the same.  


HNU Vision

Impacting and equipping generations of culture with a gospel-centered focus through spiritual convergence of principles, faith and ideas. 

Core Values

Family – Missions -Service – Discipleship